Casco Bay Northern Railroad

Serving Coastal Maine


Rigby Yard is the location of the interchange with the Boston & Maine railroad, which is the southern most interchange point on the CBN.

Rigby Yard


Portland is the first town north of Rigby Yard.

Car Ferry to Turner Island is located here.

Portland Terminal Yard Barge Tugboat

Yarmouth Jct.

Little Creek Timber is located here. It is one of the logging areas on the Railroad.

Yarmouth Falls

Yarmouth Falls is just north of Yarmouth Jct.


Freeport South

Looking at LL Bean, Columcia Feed & Borden Dairy.

Freeport North

Looking at American Hardware, Potato Co-Op and Easton Mill.


Brunswick is where the main yard is located. It has an industrial area, Refueling facilities and a double ended classification yard

Brunswick Wye

South end of Brunswick.

Bodwell Yard

Mike Porterfield at Bodwell Yard.

BY refueling

Bodwell Yard Diesel Refueling.

BY From Main

Looking at the Refueling area from the Brunswick Wye



New waterway with lighthouse and bridge between Brunswick and Bath.

Bath Waterfront

Bath Waterfront.


Bakery with Bath Freight in the background. Passenger station is to the right.

Freight & Cement

Looking at the Freight Station and Dragon Cement.


The wye to St. Albans is located here. There is also a dairy served by the daily milk train.

Wiscasset Dairy

St. Albans

St. Albans is the interchange with everything West of the BRWM. Canadian trains that were diverted due to track troubles up north go through here to reconnect with their mainline near Moosehead Lake.

St. Albans Monitor

Looking at the monitor for St. Albans Staging.


Fly over of Camden. Looking South.

Looking at Camden Freight.

New England Feed.

Searsport - Porterfield Yard

Searsport is the southern most point of the upper level and the busiest. Porterfield Yard is located here and has a large industrial area.

You are looking north. ENO Industrial is in the foreground.

Searsport - ENO Industrial

This area of Searsport is named for the now closed model railroad where these buildings came from.

You are looking south. Camden is just around the corner.

The front side of the buildings in the Eno Industrial area. From the left: Northeast Pipe, Grandt Machine, Laura Chemical and the Icing Plant.

Northeast Pipe.

View of the ENO Industrial district from the other side.

Another view of Laura Chemical.

Looking at Northeast Pipe through the crane at Grandt Machine.


Approaching Acadia from the helix.

The Southern end of Acadia. Approaching BF Smith Bridge.

Looking into the Smith Bridge from the Mainline in Acadia.

Below the Smith Bridge.

House near the tracks in Acadia.


Marsh River

The South side of Bucksport. A river along the side of the tracks.

Bucksport Bridge

The North side of Bucksport.


White Mountain Paper is the only industry located here.

White Mountain Paper

Chip Tracks

Pulp Wood and Chip Tracks.

Power Plant

Power plant for the Paper Mill


Robbins Lumber is located here. Mostly wood products with the occasional supply car.

Robbins Lumber

Robbins Lumber in Katahdin


Bangor is the last town to the north before staging. It's majpr industry is George C Brown Sawmill.


Bangor and its freight station

JB Barrel

JB Barrel

Hood's Dairy

Hood Dairy


GCB Sawmill

GCB Lumber Shed

Lumber Shed

GCB Pond

Log Pond with Jill Poke

GCB Chip Track

Preparing to load Chip Cars.

Northern Maine Junction

Northern Maine Junction

The northern most point on the BRWM 


Updated February 22, 2019.