Casco Bay Northern Railroad

Serving Coastal Maine

Photo Gallery

The new dispatchers screen under JMRI.

The new dispatchers office under JMRI, with the phone system.

This is the fast clock and controls for the Dispatcher.

Phone call board, so the dispatcher can talk to who he needs.

The main board where all of the wires come together for the phone system.

The connection located at every local phone.

Some of the layout is high and some of the operators are short.

Wheel Jig for making resitor wheels.

What it looked like while I was programing. The laptop for Programing. The MAC to view the screen shot and the iPad to show me pictures of my actual panels.

Between Orrington and Katahdin

Gordon Miner Bridge

North of Miner Bridge


Between Bangor and Katahdin

Road to Bangor

Tracks to Bangor

BAR Bridge

Closer to Bangor

Between Orrington and Bucksport

The Notch

Looking south from the paper mill.

North of the Notch

Various Scenes around the layout

Fly Fishing

Fishing between Bucksport and Orrington.


Between Wiscasset and Camden.

Soap Box Derby

Races in Acadia.

Ice Cream

Located in the Church parking lot in Acadia.

Hot Dogs

Located at the Station in Camden.

CBNR Rolling Stock


First Rolling Stock lettered for the CBNR.


Originally painted by Bruce Smith and decals finally added.

Chicken Car

Chicken car needs some sound from screaming chickens.


Updated February 22, 2019.