Casco Bay Northern Railroad

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Rail Passes

Rail passes were a fad around 2004. This looked like a fun project so I took on the task of making of and collecting the printed Rail Pass and its cousin, the E-Pass. I decided to see what I could come up with. I made both an e-pass and hard copy (business card size) pass.

I had a lot of fun designing this pass and was be able to collect a few along the way. I even received the "Pass of the Month" in the April 2005 issue of the NMRA Bulletin . This is what the original looked like. I had moved since the original and made a few changes along the way.


 I had moved since the original and made a few changes along the way.


Rail passes for model Railroaders were done in various manners.  I hear that one type of card stock was the standard #63 round corner cards, which measure 3 7/8" by 2 1/4". Now we have computers and Avery Labels that come the size of business cards, which measure 2" by 3.5". The name tag labels are slightly larger at 2 1/8" by 3.5". My version of the printed rail pass is going to be on business card size because it is so much easier to get.

With the change in the railroad name I modified the appropriate parts for the new railroad. If anyone ever asks for a pass the number will start at one.

Printed Rail Pass

The front of the pass will have the name of the RR, The pass number, who it is issued to and the date.  It will also have the RR Herald, location and scale. I also have my NMRA and MER data. 

Rail Pass Front

The back of the pass will have the System map and the conditions for continued use of the pass. Some of are whimsical and some are a little more serious.

Rail Pass Back

Electronic Rail Pass

The appropriate size for the Electronic Rail Pass (e-pass) is supposed to be 550 pixels by 350 pixels, at 72 dpi. My pass ended up being slightly smaller than that.

This is what my version of the e-pass looks like.


I made my passes in Photoshop, but there are other programs that would work also. The card was done in many layers so I could easily move things around and make changes. When someone asks for a card, I can easily make the changes necessary and save the images as a JPEG. I then can e-mail the e-pass to the person making the request.

When I make the printed copies, I will use the Avery Label business cards and print 10 cards at a time, using the Microsoft Word label template.

In any case, there will be no duplicate numbers issued in the e-pass or the hard copy version of the rail pass.

My e-Pass is now ready for distribution.  Fill out the form below and let the trading begin.

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Updated April 17, 2017.