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I am going try and make a pet page with all the animals that we have had all these years.  There were plenty of them.  We had 15 at one time (2 dogs, 2 cats, 6 goats, 2 birds and 3 horses). This is a takeoff on an idea that my sister Amy had.  This is the first crack at some of the pictures we have and we have a lot.  I'll try and find some of the special ones.

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Floppy and her three babies Spirit, our first colt
Chief all dressed up for the party. Lady and her first born, Chief
Tori and Spirit discussing who will wear the bow Looks like Spirit gets the bow
Clancy loved to try an eat all the water from the sprinkler Everyone has to have their teddy bear sometime
Maverick trying to hide with the Christmas ornaments Peepers portrait

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