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I am going try and make a pet page with all the animals that we have had all these years.  There were plenty of them.  We had 15 at one time (2 dogs, 2 cats, 6 goats, 2 birds and 3 horses). This is a takeoff on an idea that my sister Amy had.  This is the first crack at some of the pictures we have and we have a lot.  I'll try and find some of the special ones.

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Wondering how she'll Look at the Bash It's time to Party! (Oct. 12, 2002)
The shood Maime won for winning the Longest ears contest. 11 1/4" (Oct. 12, 2002 Dress up like the clown she is. (Oct. 12, 2002)
She had the best costume, but she wasn't a Basset so she didn't qualify (Oct. 12, 2002) Think any one can outdo this duo. (Oct. 12, 2002)
Calvin and Spiff - the first of many "barn Cats" Spiff getting some of the goats milk
Spirit taking a break from the taxing life of "colthood" Ginger and Spirit

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